Landscape Design - Alladin's Mission Landscaping

Landscape Design and Installation

Our team of designers works with our clients from start to finish. From the initial design, through to the installation, we ensure they are provided with true value. The landscape designs are made using some of the best software in the industry.

Landscape Design - Alladin's Mission Landscaping

Interlocking Stone Design and Installation

Alladins Landscape Design has the experience working with a wide variety of interlocking stone options to suite each landscape. Interlocking stone technology has greatly advanced over the past years. Landscape stones are now available in a variety of styles, patterns and colours to mimic natural stones.

Interlocking stone is a great choice for hardscaping needs. They have the ability to expand and contract through our seasons, making them more durable than concrete slabs. However, if repair does become necessary, it is easily done.

Landscape Design - Alladin's Mission Landscaping

Our Philosophy


Our clients deserve a company that is responsive. Our horticulturist is directly involved in the scheduling, quality control and production. We value customer satisfaction so we react quickly and effectively to any requests.


The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is exceeding expectations. Our extensive experience and knowledge of plant material, textures and colour will make your landscape the envy of the neighbours.


We have over 20+ years experience of creating and maintaining properties.


We are a team of professionals who demand excellence and provide quality work that exceeds expectations. Alladins works with our clients to meet their goals. Our team of project managers and designers are committed to the idea 'Together Everyone Achieves More'.


A consistent image for your property – an image that reflects quality and professionalism. We will strive to meet your objectives as well as those of your property managers, asset managers, and owners. The result will be an exterior environment that is pleasing to tenants, and will maximize the investment of clients.

Landscape Design - Alladin's Mission Landscaping

Horticulture Services

Our trained horticulturist will help choose plants that meet the needs of each client. He has in-depth knowledge about what is available and how well it performs. Individuals may be looking for plants for specific growing conditions, characteristics or to suit their lifestyle.

  • attract butterflies or different species of birds
  • add interest to the landscape during the winter months
  • shade garden
  • rock garden
  • suitable for small yards
  • with different foliage and leaf shapes to add interest
  • for poorly drained sites and different soils
  • low maintenance
  • drought resistant
  • deer or rabbit resistant
  • different types of hedging